Le Squeezebox Cabaret presents  a short set on June 8, 2013, as part of the star-studded lineup at Irondale’s 30th Birthday celebration!

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A Night of Accordion-Driven Variety

David F. Slone, Esq. presents a celebration of the beauty of the bellows with NYC's hottest underground accordionists, dancers, strippers, singers, comedians, circus acts and magicians!

Past performers have included accordionists Corn Mo (.357 Lover), Martin White (The Mystery Fax Machine Orchestra), Benjamin Ickies (This Ambitious Orchestra, The Ja Ja Jas), Juliet Jeske (Wham Slam Bam Variety Hour, Hard Candy Burlesque), Matt Dallow (Amour Obscure, The Pendulum Swings), Erica Marie (Oi to the World!) and Duckmandu, and other artists such as Angela Harriell (The Love Show, Nutcracker: Rated R), singer/bandleader Jason Trachtenburg, (The Pendulum Swings, The Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players), aerialist Anya Sapozhnikova (House of Yes, Lady Circus, The Sky Box), burlesque practitioner Dangrrr Doll, contortionist Natasha King, intelligent soul diva Kalen (Ladybug Stingray), MAC Award winning lyricist Bobbie Horowitz, MAC Award winning vocalist Daryl Glenn, The Love Show Dancers, b-boy Nobuya Nagahama (Nutcracker: Rated R), Singer Lisa D (This Ambitious Orchestra), magician The Great Dubini, comic Amy Daulton, singer/songwriter Evan Laurence (Sexahol, Carne Musica, Evan Laurence Presents), percussionist Peter Sloan-Lewis, burlesque dynamo Essence Revealed (Brown Girls Burlesque), yoga contortionist The Amazing Amy, and Lola "Luscious" Monroe & Pussy d'Amour of Silky Sirens Burlesque!

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